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I am a freelance SAP consultant specialized on SAP BW / BI and HANA, with extensive process knowledge in various SAP modules and outstanding ABAP OO programming skills.

During more than thirteen years spent in SAP development and consulting – thereof ten in the area of BI – I have created extractors, data flows, reports and visualizations, designed unified planning applications for sales, stock and overhead planning, and led several upgrade and migration projects. I was one of the first to implement planning solutions with PAK on HANA in the DACH region.

13 years

SAP experience


SAP modules

5 years


While keeping my professional focus on SAP BI, I have also been developing in various other environments for special integration projects or as a hobby – from ABAP to C#, from Java to jQuery, from Arduino to VSTO, from QlikSense to WordPress, from Powershell scripts to Microsoft Azure hosted cloud app services. Object oriented programming is in my blood. Having an insight on these other technologies – and related infrastructures like web servers, LDAP and public key security – enables me to think out of the box when working with SAP, and to communicate effectively with cross-functional teams.

But: I’m not a computer-geek. As part of the projects I worked on I had the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of business processes, how they can be modeled with the different SAP modules, and how the processes and modules integrate with each other. I can help you explore their pros and cons when it comes to deciding which one suits best as the source of a report, and what to watch out for when using the corresponding BW extractors.

Sales & Profitability

Sales & Profitablity

Reporting and planning of sales volumes, prices, rebate structure and cost of sales. Profitability and segment analysis.

Reporting of open order backlog and historical order book. Delivery statistics.

Financials & Controlling

Financials & Controlling

Reports based on general ledger, receivables, payables and asset reporting. Custom virtual cube for aging of receivables.

Overhead reporting: Cost centers, internal order and WBS Elements from CO-OM. Product Cost Controlling with CO-PC.

Logistics & Purchasing

Logistics & Purchasing

Materials management: reporting of stock levels, movements, production output and raw material consumption.

Purchasing: reporting of purchase volumes and prices (with and without purchasing document), freight costs.

my way – your success

With creative ideas and a bit of custom development your BI system can perform better and empower your users to work more efficiently. Click the boxes in the area below to explore some project examples and see how I approach problems.

my creed – your long-term value

I strive for robust, transparent and user-friendly solutions – solutions, where the investments pay off multiple times by reducing maintenance costs and saving your users’ time and nerves in the long run. Here’s what I believe in:

Clean code

I write source code that is: Clear, because it has a “natural” logic flow and layout, which is inherently easy to read and understand. Clean, because I remove obsolete parts before finishing it up. Commented – because it will cost me nothing, but is a great help whenever it comes to support or an extension at a later time.

User experience

I believe that user experience is as important as functionality. I prefer a streamlined, intuitive user-interface, and focus on performance already in the initial design.
SAP projects are not famous for the budget being spent on UX experts, but a little common sense and attention to detail are half the battle.


Quick wins are not so much my cup of tea, if they will cause more effort later than what you save at present. I am a fan of solutions that are maintenance free, self-running, and cause less support. All in all a lower TCO.

The extra mile

I believe in walking the extra mile – or two – in order to create something truly special. Sometimes a few additional steps don’t just take you a bit further, but to a whole new place. Likewise, investing extra effort of a few percent can make the difference.

my services – your opportunity

My core services are consulting and software development in the area of business warehousing, analytics, dashboarding and planning – based on an SAP system landscape. Additionally I focus on projects targeting the integration of SAP with non-SAP technologies.

You can also book me on occasional basis for short term tasks.  Be it a bug you cannot track down internally, a holiday replacement, or just a peak in workload – if you temporarily fall short of internal resources, I can help your team out.

Work out

the master plan

  • Solution design
  • Architecture consulting
  • Configuration

Let me do

the heavy lifting

  • Development of complete solutions
  • Implementation on demand
  • Cleanup of legacy code

Get your team

up to speed

  • Trainings
  • Workshops
  • Code reviews

Find and fix

those nasty bugs

  • Cover support peaks
  • Problem analysis
  • Debugging