Enterprise Portal Navigation Connector

My employer strongly utilized the SAP Enterprise Portal as a front-end for BI reporting. Menu entries linking to queries have been maintained with transaction PFCG as roles in the ABAP stack, and needed to be made available in the BI Portal’s menu tree.

Previously the standard role upload of the SAP Enterprise Portal was used to import the menus into the java stack daily as a scheduled job – with a disastrous stability and performance. The very high number of menu entries also caused the Portal PCD performance to degrade, so users had to wait several seconds just to open a folder in the menu tree.

To overcome these shortcomings of the SAP standard solution I created an own navigation connector and portal service in Java which will fetch the menu from the ABAP stack via RFC on-demand, buffer it, and provide it to the portal APIs. This solutions is not only faster and more stable than the old solution, but is also maintenance-free (no scheduled jobs) and any new items in the roles appear in the portal without delay.