Generic Data Interface

The aim of this project was to automate the supply of high level monthly financial data from various SAP modules into an external consolidation system (IBM Hyperion), while keeping full flexibility for future changes/adaptations in the calculation of the figures. A legacy program already existed, however the calculation logic was mostly hardcoded – thus hard to maintain, requiring programming skills, and the calculation being a black box to the users.

I designed and programmed a completely generic calculation framework, which can fetch data from various modules using “extractor plug-ins” and calculate further with this data based on formulas. The extractor plug-ins only need to be programmed once – during the implementation I have created one to fetch data from FI accounts, and one to fetch data from any SAP BI query.

The chief controller can configure what figures he would like to extract from the source modules using a graphical interface –  by setting up lists of account numbers / balance sheet structure nodes / cost element groups, or selecting a BI query and which cell from the result of the query is to be selected. These small “blocks of data” fetched from the source modules can then be used in formulas to carry out further calculations.

The end-users (controllers of local organization) just need to execute the program and can download the processed data as a file, or check the details of the calculation on an interactive interface.